Monday, June 6, 2011

Bicycle Race Line Practice

Today, I practiced the early, geometrical and late apex at race speed.

The early apex was very scary to perform fast because at times, I was often close to hitting the curb. It was useful for connecting turns though. It could also be a good way to recover while maintaining lead position. Not sure if that's a legal move, but it would work!

Out of the three, I was able to hit my top speed significantly faster with the late apex. The downside was that it was extremely tiring to perform the late apex. The tiring aspect of the late apex was accelerating to top speed after losing a lot of speed (braking) to prep for entry.

My favorite one was the geometrical apex. I was able to move throughout the turn without sacrificing too much speed; so it was less tiring. It was also easier to perform and gave me a better feel of whether or not the tires were getting close to its limit. It wasn't the fastest, but it was the most comfortable and least tiring line.

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