Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First YouTube Video Post! Dog Chasing Cyclist

I wanted to have a little fun with my first YouTube post, so I decided to post a video of a dog trying to catch me!  Expect to see exercise tutorials and training rides next!

During the second half of my max aerobic (sub lactic threshold) training ride, a dog spotted me ahead of time and started to run perpendicular to my path to cut me off.  Rather than making a u-turn, I got off the saddle and challenged it to race!  I wasn't exactly sure I would win since the dog already had a five-ish second head start by the time I realized what it was trying to do.  It also didn't help that I was sort of gassed before I started sprinting.  After the dog fell out of view, it was surprisingly able to speed match me at 28 mph for a good 4-5 seconds.  Enjoy!  FYI, the clip at the end without music is real time.