Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Endomondo Koar Calorie Challenge Winner

Although I didn't think I had any chance of winning any of the challenges posted on Endomondo, I won the Shatter your calories challenge by Koar!  The winners were given the option to get either two tops or one top and one bottom- I chose to get one top and one bottom.  Here are my picks:
PL300 Short Sleeve Polo - Fitted
Compared to a lot of polos out there, this one has the professional-look that I need for Personal Training.  I like that it's a solid color without the obnoxious and distracting "sporty" lines/ graphics like my Fila polos.  Even better, it's fitted so I won't look like I'm drowning in the shirt... It's hard enough trying to look fit and not like a skinny endurance athlete!
BXNZ1000 Performance Long Tights - Compression
I've been meaning to write a post on recovery methods to show just how lost researchers are about what recovery method reigns supreme.  Off the top of my head, the methods of recovery include (the one in bold is the one I haven't tried yet):

  1. Light aerobic activity
  2. Massage
  3. Deep tissue massage
  4. Cold therapy
  5. Hot therapy
  6. Flexibility Exercise - PNF/ static/ dynamic stretching
  7. Doing nothing at all
  8. Compression clothing
Some of my friends swear by compression clothing claiming that they can work hard for consecutive days without feeling like they exercised at all the day before.  While I've been planning to give compression clothing a try, I couldn't get myself to spend over $100.  I'm glad to see that Koar made these within the mid  70 dollar range for the money-conscious people out there like me.  Again, I like that there aren't "sporty" lines or graphics to draw everyone's eyes to every section of the tights- just the knee!

Thanks again to everyone at Koar!  I'll report back with pictures once I receive the clothes in the mail. :)

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