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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Podium #3: Bloomington Cycling Grand Prix - Third Place!

This was my third podium out of the four criteriums I raced this season!  I was especially happy to be third because I barely made it to the podium this time.  About half way through the race, I made a strong, all-out attack that stretched out the field and minimized attacks for the remainder of the race.  I tried to ride more aggressively to show that I can use other tactics other than just sitting in until the final lap.  The goal of the attack was to drop riders, scatter the teams and weaken the sprinters.  I did this because I noticed that the teams were "hogging" the front of the peloton to dictate the pace in favor of their sprinter.  My plan backfired when I realized that I went too hard and barely had enough energy for the final sprint.  I passed third place right before the finish line.  This was one of the hardest days on the bike thus far.  I was super happy to have third place, especially when it seemed like I wouldn't have been there at all!

Indy Criterium 2013 - 2nd Place!

It was an incredible feeling being on the podium at the biggest cycling event in Indianapolis, the Indy Crit!  With 89 riders and a flat course not suited for a lightweight rider like me, this race was far from easy which you'll understand after seeing the race data further down this post.  Anyway, the suffering was well worth it because today marked my first medal!
The picture below is the only podium picture I have right now.  The camera was having issues and luckily, it worked right before we walked completely off the podium!  Yes... it looks like I was wearing full winter gear, but those "winter tights" are actually skincoolers from De Soto Sport.  They provide UV protection and stay wet to keep me cool. PAST EXPERIENCE AT THE INDY CRIT (2012):
For the weeks leading into the race, it would be an understatement to say that I was nervous!  At random times during the day, my heart rate would spike just from thinking about my past experience at this race.  I almost got d…