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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Race Day Preparation

All the countless hours of hard work done in training can be thrown away if you come to a race unprepared.  The worst thing I've ever done was forgetting to bring cash for registration.  I had to ride as fast as I could to get to an ATM and ride back just before the race started.  I was winded before the race started and to no surprise- had one of the worst performances of my life!  Spare safety pins are also a racers best friend, especially when the race organizers forget to provide them!  The checklists below are the same checklists I run through to make sure I have everything I need to get through registration stress-free.  I have the checklist below in Word format, so if you want a copy, just leave a message on Twitter, Strava or send me an e-mail at