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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Glute Activation Test for Athletes

THE ULTIMATE GLUTE ACTIVATION TEST: The knee limited single leg squat.

This simple test (video below) identifies compensation patterns and the participant's ability to overcome them.  This is a great test for anyone participating in sports or activities that require single leg power and control (running, cycling, basketball, football, soccer, raquet sports, climbing, etc).  I initially created this test to evaluate my progress towards reducing quad dominance, but I discovered that it can also reveal activation abnormalities in the deep hip rotators and core.  Since it does not require normal ankle mobility (dorsiflexion) or normal hip mobility (flexion), it's a great way to dissect your squat form and reveal imbalances that might have gone unnoticed.

Head, torso, knee does not touch the foam roller.Hip, knee and ankle maintains anatomical alignment throughout the entire movement.Thoracic spine remains neutral.Scapula remains in neutral position.Trunk maintains for…