Power & Heart Rate Based Coaching for Cycling 
Do you own power meter and/or a heart rate monitor, but need help designing your workouts to achieve your goals?  Whether it's for competitive cycling, rehabilitation, bone density, arthritis, weight loss or any purpose, I have the knowledge to safely make those goals a reality.  In addition to cardiovascular training, clients learn how to integrate weight lifting into their workout program.  As a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, clients also benefit from learning how to optimize nutrition to improve health and performance.

General Fitness
Due to the low impact nature of cycling, it's one of the best ways to strengthen the cardiovascular system without worrying about injuries that are more common/ likely with high impact options. Most importantly, it's hard to beat the feeling you get when you're gliding through the air on a bike.  It makes exercise more enjoyable which only makes it easier to reach those goals!
Strength & Conditioning
There are several benefits to including a strength and conditioning program to any existing cycling program, including improved concussion resistance, injury resistance, bone density, lactic tolerance and the list goes on.
Competitive/ Racing
Whether your goals are to keep up with your friends in the next group ride or be the one leading the way, coaching takes the guesswork out of planning workouts, nutrition and understanding different strategies related to competitive cycling.