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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Mobile Metronome For Better Cadence Control

Years ago, I used this app to help me develop a better feel for my cadence.  With advancements in Bluetooth Smart, smart phones can now pair with BLE cadence, speed and power sensors, so doing it the old school way isn't necessary anymore.   This app can still prove to be useful, especially if you own a bike or stationary bike that doesn't have any of these sensors installed.
This metronome app is still available on the android market.  Just search "Mobile Metronome" and look for Version 1.2.3.  Although I orginally wrote this post in 2011, I still have this app on my phone and use it when training clients to maintain a consistent leg speed.
Mobile Metronome Pros & Cons
Pros: It's free!Trains you to maintain a more consistent cadence. Cons: The metronome noise can get annoying.Since you can only set it to one tempo, it's only helpful if you're doing steady state rides.