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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Happy 1st B-day MyPlate! Goodbye MyPyramid!

If you're one of the many people that typed in "" into the search bar, you might have noticed that things have changed!  MyPyramid has been retired and replaced with MyPlate, a simple and easy to understand icon.  While MyPlate doesn't visually encourage an active liftestyle like MyPyramid, it makes the idea of "eating healthy" seem a lot less overwhelming and complicated than the latter.

Just look at the two icons together- my eyes almost automatically shifts away from the pyramid and to the plate.  I think the stick figure would agree since it's seeking high ground to escape the massive pile of food!
Jokes aside, I think MyPlate has the potential to positively influence what people eat, especially since it's pleasantly familiar (unless you have square plates like me) and makes portion sizes easier to manage.  Even though there are no steps or a running man reminding everyone to try to become more active, it's very rare to hear p…

Endomondo Koar Calorie Challenge Winner

Although I didn't think I had any chance of winning any of the challenges posted on Endomondo, I won the Shatter your calories challenge by Koar!  The winners were given the option to get either two tops or one top and one bottom- I chose to get one top and one bottom.  Here are my picks:
Compared to a lot of polos out there, this one has the professional-look that I need for Personal Training.  I like that it's a solid color without the obnoxious and distracting "sporty" lines/ graphics like my Fila polos.  Even better, it's fitted so I won't look like I'm drowning in the shirt... It's hard enough trying to look fit and not like a skinny endurance athlete!
I've been meaning to write a post on recovery methods to show just how lost researchers are about what recovery method reigns supreme.  Off the top of my head, the methods of recovery include (the one in bold is the one I haven't tried yet):

Light aerobic activityMassageDeep tissue massageC…

Eagle Creek Classic Circuit Race Results 06.02.2012

I can finally and officially say that I can comfortably keep up with the peloton in a Cat 5 criterium!  Hopefully this will also be the case in my next race (Cat 4/5) on 06.23.2012.
I placed 11th out of 20 people and was behind the leader by 4.602 seconds.  I could have placed top 10 for sure if I didn't have to recover from a little mishap near the final lap.  I'll cover the craziness of what happened in more detail below.  With the help of the group, I covered about 12 miles in 28 minutes and 10 seconds-- a 25.56 mph average speed.  FYI, I can't hold this average speed solo...  Drafting within the group helps A LOT.  Just to show how much it helps to be sheltered in the group, my best solo average speed is about 20.2 mph over 32 miles in 5-10 mph winds.  I Instagram'd my cycling computer to celebrate my first time averaging over 20 mph. PRE RACE:
A quick tip for anyone registering for a race in a large park... always ask the employees at the front for a map and dire…