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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Daily Target Heart Rate Calculator

As many of you probably read in the "Limitations of HR Training" post, there are limitations and inaccuracies related to heart rate training.  From day to day, RHR can change enough to throw off all of your target heart rates.  This means that you'll either painstakingly recalculate all of the zones OR train anyway knowing that the numbers are a little off.

To get around this problem, I posted a spreadsheet that can do all of the calculations for you!  After clicking the "Click to Edit" button above the spreadsheet, all you have to do is enter your age and resting heart rate into the yellow boxes. The heart rate ranges below should automatically update based on your information.  I would bookmark this page for quick and easy reference from your computer or mobile device.

I only use three zones because there are only three energy systems- the aerobic, lactic acid and ATP-PC system.  Using more than three zones over complicates thi…

Racing Three Times in ONE Day - Indy Criterium Cycling Race & Festival

When I signed up for three races, I thought it was a crazy decision, but looking back on that day, it was a lot easier than what I expected!  Before race day, I had a plan nutritionally and tactically which was all determined by the schedule/ duration of each race.  Here's the schedule of the Indy Criterium Cycling Race & Festival:
Race #1:  Cat 5/ Citizens - 30 minutes @ 10:30 amRace #2:  Cat 4/5 - 45 minutes @ 1:00 pmRace #3:  Cat 4/5B - 30 minutes @ 4:55 pmRace #1 (Cat 5):  Before this race, I ate my usual breakfast and warmed up the same way as I would on a single race day.  However, during the race something unexpected occurred.  Because there were a lot of riders (~50), I was pushed near the back of the group.  I worked hard to move up in position quickly and by the time I moved up to what I thought was the front of the group, I noticed that a large gap had formed.  Apparently, an early attack split the group in two.  Unfortunately, I was in the group that was slowly beg…