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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Indiana State Criterium Championships - Second Place!

This marks my fourth podium of the season!  From a strategic standpoint, this race was the hardest race I've done.  There was a very quick, but hard attack at two laps to go which was the main deciding factor for the podium.  Anyone who failed to see the attack and respond quickly enough was pushed too far back and lost any chance at the podium.  I fortunately called the attack immediately and reached a good position for the final lap.  Unfortunately, everyone in front of me peeled off earlier than I expected and forced me to the front.  On the final sprint, I was passed shortly before the finish line because I wasn't fresh enough to outsprint everyone.  I'm extremely happy with the result considering that I could have easily lost the podium if I missed the attack which separated the lead group from the rest of the peloton.  SECOND PLACE!!! :)
I recorded the ride via Strava.  Check out my ride through the link below and don't forget to follow me!

I'll post more pi…

Live Televised Race Coverage Tomorrow!

Mass Ave Criterium State Championships Follow this link to watch the Mass Ave Criterium State Championships live via mobile or computer:
I race at 2:30 pm Category 4/5.  I'm only six points away from being eligible to upgrade to Pro 3!  I need two more podium finishes to get these points.  I only have three more races left before the season ends, so the pressure is definitely on!
I started my taper on Wednesday and focused on following recovery methodologies: Light aerobic exercise followed by immediate carbohydrate replenishment via Chocolate Soy Milk (Silk brand)Foam rollingTiger tail myofascial releaseStatic stretchingAntioxidant-rich foodsHydration - Nothing specific... just the pee test! Today, I feel 100% fresh, so I should be ready for anything tomorrow!