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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Lezyne Super GPS Review

UPDATE 05.20.2016 It's been five months since I published this post on December 23, 2015 and while I was very supportive of the product, I'm feeling very disappointed due to the lack of product support this is getting.  For a new product, I expected them to be very motivated to refine it, but it's clearly being neglected.  Maybe they're not selling enough of these to justify investing time and money to improve the customers experience?  I don't know.  The last software update was released in December 8, 2015!  See for yourself in their software update page via the link below. I'm still unable to connect to my cadence and speed sensor, so I'm stuck with the unreliable GPS based speed estimates.The battery level indicator is now very inconsistent.  It takes very long to jump from 100% to 80%, then once it quickly drops to 30%, it only takes a few minutes until it tells me that the battery is…