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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Caleb Ewan has been disrupting the sprint scene with a "new" sprinting technique that combines the aerodynamic benefits of a super tuck with a modified pedal stroke.  Below is a still grabbed from the video (at end of post): Sprinting in a low position isn't new; in fact, some of the riders that followed (off screen) were in a lower position than Caleb Ewan.  What's different is that whenever he assumes this position, the six O'clock position of his pedal stroke shifts backwards to seven O' clock.  This only happens if he primarily uses hip extension (gluteal muscles) to move the pedals.  Being able to continue using the strongest muscles of the body in an extremely aero position is the secret to his success.
WHY THE 7 O'CLOCK SPRINT TECHNIQUE IS THE FASTESTThere are two things that matter in a sprint: 1. Power 2. Mass
Sprinters have the problem of having more power than mass.  When you have more power than mass, the power you send to the pedals will also affe…

Cycling Quad Fatigue

Got quad burn?This post was inspired by real client questions and then later discovering that a lot of people on the internet have also asked the same questions: Why do my quads burn while I cycle? Instant fatigue in quads - any ideas?Why do my legs hurt so much after cycling?Does cycling build quads?Does cycling give you big thighs?How do I stop my legs aching after cycling?Why do my legs feel heavy when cycling?Why do my legs feel like jelly after cycling?The quads burn will burn too quickly due to a poorly fitting bike or because you're using the wrong muscles groups to move the pedals.  A bike fit is a straightforward fix that involves some trial and error, but fixing the latter part is a beast to fix if you don't have a background in anatomy and experience in fixing motor patterns.  In fact, many Pro cyclists suffer from the latter part, but either they or their coaches are too overwhelmed or impatient to fix it.  If you suspect that you have a bike fit issue, here are a …

Cycling Exercise: Super Tuck Planche Push Ups

I was one of the early adopters of this technique, and continued to use it after I saw firsthand that I could descend faster than others with Zipp 404's or 808's and $6-13k framesets.  At the time, I was riding on a $400 Fuji Roubaix- aluminum frame and stock wheels.
If you're not familiar with the aero tuck, here's a video of Chris Froome performing one (fast forward to 2:27): The aero tuck is the most aerodynamic position of any cycling position.  The advantage is so great that some Pros have unfairly called it cheating (most notably Dan Martin).   PASSIVE AERO TUCK VS. ACTIVE AERO TUCK Chris Froome's technique is indicative of a passive super tuck.  He uses minimal energy from his upper body by resting his shoulders on the handlebars and supports the rest of his weight through the extended leg.  This method only works on straightaways or very slight bends.  As demonstrated in the video, he never corners in this position because cornering requires active stability.  …

Cycling Squats - Single Leg Squats vs. Bilateral Squats

If you're a cyclist looking to improve your performance, a question that almost never gets brought up is "Should you do unilateral (single leg) or bilateral (both legs) squats?"

To no surprise, a quick YouTube search for "cycling squats" revealed a list of videos with thumbnails showing bilateral squats.  Coupled with cycling culture's obsession with quads and the desire to copy the Pro's, I cringe at the thought that the masses are heading to the gym just to do bilateral squats.

The Problem with Bilateral Squats
Bilateral squats require more quad and erector spinae activation, and if you're already overusing the quads while cycling, bilateral squats will only reinforce bad habits (1,2).  I recommend starting with single leg squats first because in order to do them correctly with full ROM, you must have adequate range of motion and full posterior chain activation.  You'll fall down if you lack either, but this isn't the case with bilateral s…