One Session Challenge

Improve in ONE session, or it's FREE
It's as simple as that!  If you don't see performance improvements in endurance, strength, power, flexibility or balance, the session is free!

It's not enough to subjectively "feel" better, I'll prove it in numbers by measuring performance at the start and end of the session:

ENDURANCE:  For the same speed or power, heart rate will decrease.

STRENGTH:  Select a weight that subjectively feels heavy.  As the session progresses, the weight will feel lighter.

POWER:  Cover a distance faster or improve your 10 second power (bike, rowing, elliptical, anything that displays wattage).

FLEXIBILITY:  Using a goniometer to measure joint angles, I will measure flexibility at the start, and at the end of the session.

BALANCE:  Improve the quality and number of repetitions possible.