Personal Training

For personal training inquiries, local or online e-mail me at:

My online availability is limited to 8am and 9am Monday to Tuesday, Eastern Standard Time.  Local and online appointments are scheduled on a first contact, first serve basis, so don't hesitate to inquire!  Exceptions are given to those with complex problems that need a combination of training techniques to address various health conditions (see below).

Training Techniques Health Conditions
Corrective Exercise Bone Density
Heart Rate & Power Training Fall Prevention
Functional Training Stroke
Motor Control Training Total knee replacement
Flexibility & Mobility Training Shoulder Replacement
Calisthenics Prosthetics & Orthotics
Balance & Agility Training Postural Imbalances & Scoliosis
HIIT "High Intensity Interval Training" Hypertension
Plyometrics Atrophy caused by immobilization or cancer
Heavy Weight Lifting Chronic low back pain
Asymmetrical Core Training Tennis elbow
TRX Training Sprain & Strain Rehabilitation
Bosu Ball Training Sciatica
Medicine Ball Training Obesity
Kettlebell Training Diabetes
Power Training via Rowing or Cycling Ergometer Gait Analysis

Personal Training Rates
$100 per hour
$65 per half hour

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