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Caleb Ewan's Sprint Position - Revealed through Kinesiology

Correct Cycling Posture: The Spine

After cycling several thousands of miles with no history of lower back pain to any degree, I hope to clear up any confusion about what posture is optimal for cycling.  This may sound surprising, but a good number of pro cyclists suffer from low back pain despite consulting the most expensive and technologically advanced bike fit technology (3,4).  Why doesn't it work?  What many bike fit specialists fail to account for is the kinesiology of the spine which is influenced by the position of the pelvis.  The saddle can be adjusted in any position, but if the rider has poor posture on the bike, lower back pain is inevitable.  Bike fitters must inform cyclists that rounding the back must be avoided to prevent lower back pain.  After learning why good posture is optimal, you'll understand why no amount of fine tuned adjustments will fix low back pain unless the rider's posture is also corrected.

I noticed that those who recommend rounding the back…

Continental GP4000S Review

I went with a car tire brand because they have more experience with extreme conditions like giving ~3000 pound cars the ability to carve corners better than a 145 pound rider. Between Continental and Michellin, I chose Continental mainly because I saw consistently better reviews from them. I know this is not a very scientific method of selection, but based on my experience with tires, real life customer reviews are more reliable than comparing tire specifications on paper. The only way to find the best tire is through trial and error.

WHAT MAKES A GREAT TIRE Tires provide grip by changing its molecular structure based on the shape of the tiny cracks, bumps and irregularities that it makes contact with on the ground.  It's almost like creating tiny fingers which grip the road.  This is the most important characteristic of any tire.

Tire compounds generally fall under two categories based almost entirely on temperature.  Tires that specialize in warm/ hot cond…