Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump Review

Compared to pumps at the same price range, this pump screams (or tries to scream...) simple and that's exactly why I like it.  Nothing is worse than repairing a pump that has more components than you can keep track of.  Rather than using hard-to-find gaskets, the Lezyne Floor Pump pump utilizes o rings which can be found in virtually any hardware store.

Aside from the wooden handles and embossed logo, this pump feels very solid and will pump a bicycle tire very fast.  Although it takes longer to attach the threaded chuck to the valve, it creates a better seal and guarantees that the valve won't be damaged.  Just for demonstration purposes, I was able to pump my tires from zero to max (145 psi) in less than one minute with moderate effort (I don't ride at max- I still use the tire pressures based on a 15% drop and weight distribution).

Lezyne did a great job with designing this pump so that it would be easy to use.  The hose is nearly four feet long and it tucks away nicely into the chuck harness located on the base.  It's long enough that I could pump my tires without taking my bike off the top row of my indoor bike rack.  The 2.5 inch gauge was easy to read and it was surprisingly more accurate than I expected.  When compared to a dedicated pressure gauge, this pump was within 5 psi of the actual pressure.  When you consider that other pumps are usually 15-20 psi off, this is pretty good!  If you have bikes with Presta and Schrader valves, all you have to do is flip the chuck to switch between each valve.

If you're new to using threaded chucks, you will probably lose a lot of air as you unscrew the chuck.  That's the biggest complaint that I've heard about this pump.  To get around this problem, just overinflate the tire 15-20 psi to leave room for error.  You will also want to leave enough room to fine tune the tire pressure with an actual tire pressure gauge.

  • Extremely easy to pump from zero to 140 psi
  • Chuck fits onto presta and schrader valves
  • Threaded chuck is leak proof and won't damage your valve
  • The replacement parts are easy to find and inexpensive to replace
  • Nearly 4 foot long hose
  • Fairly accurate gauge +/- 5 psi
  • $70 for a pump is a lot to dish out. But in this case, it's the last pump you'd ever need since repairing it is easy and convenient.
  • Looks too nice to get dirty- you'll want to wash your hands before touching the wood handles
  • If you're new to threaded chucks, you will be annoyed during your first dozen attempts of trying to get the pressure right.  Practice!